Corporate Law

  • Determination of the most suitable corporate structure and type of company
  • Foundation of companies including the drafting of shareholders’ agreements and so-called joint venture agreements and participation agreements
  • Corporate Housekeeping, i.e. the administration of companies (often in a group context) and the adjustment of articles of association to changing circumstances
  • Structural measures such as transformations and mergers, including such within a group
  • Dissolution and liquidation
  • Shareholders disputes before ordinary courts and arbitration panels, rescission actions, provisional suspension of shareholders resolutions in interim proceedings
  • Representation of corporate bodies and companies in corporate liability matters
  • D&O matters

The lawyers of KSLEX have a broad experience in the field of corporate law.

Track Record/Experience

  • Advising a German/French chemical concern on the formation of a Joint Venture in Russia for the manufacture of a product in the consumer area and rendering ongoing advice to the Joint Venture for many years
  • Advising a German manufacturer of money processing systems on the formation of a Joint Venture in Russia with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
  • Advising a family-run manufacturer of stationary products on the restructuring of its group structure
  • Advising a family-run logistics group on the revision of its articles of association
  • Advising a logistics group on the formation of a Joint Venture with a globally leading IT-consulting group
  • Advising an US-American conglomerate on the formation of a worldwide Joint Venture in the printing industry (including the entire value added chain)
  • Advising a British telecommunications service provider on the formation of a Joint Venture for the development of the German market
  • Advising a French pharmaceutical group on its refinancing
  • Advising a German operator of a stock exchange portal on the formation of a Joint Venture for the operation of a financial information portal
  • Advising a listed Scottish pharmaceutical company on its debt restructuring
  • Comprehensive administration of and advising German subsidiaries of eleven British and US-American groups on corporate housekeeping matters
  • Advising a Joint Venture in the printing industry on its restructuring
  • Comprehensively advising a leading agricultural association on various corporate law issuses
  • Comprehensively advising a group company of a large European postal service group on its participation in a leading European CEP service provider (Courier, Express, Parcel)
  • Advising and representing organs of a stock corporation in liability proceedings vis-à-vis the company’s insolvency administrator (Business Judgement Rule, Reliance Defence, defence of claims under sec. 71 of the German Stock Corporation Act – ban on acquisition of own shares)
  • Advising the leading dairy farmers association in Germany on settling a shareholders dispute in a milk marketing company